Privacy Policy
You are redirected to this page to inform you of our policies in terms of data collection, use and disclosure of private details we collect from users of the app (website).

We use your private details only for providing and improving the application. By using our App, you allow to the collection and use of details in agreement with this policy.

Booking Terms and Conditions
Juggernaut do not provide any football equipment (balls/beeps etc) during football booking.
Juggernaut only provide stumps in cricket booking.
User must show his booking confirmation message during time of booking.
Juggernaut shall not be responsible for the injuries/casualties of any user or team members that take place on the field/arena/turf/court, as the case may be.
Juggernaut shall not be responsible for any loss of a member’s personal belongings.
Juggernaut advises all members to play a fair game.
Juggernaut has the rights to cancel the customer bookings at any time; full refund will be provided in case the cancellations done by Juggernaut.
Juggernaut does not undertake any responsibility for any kind of misbehavior/unpleasant /unsportsmanlike like conduct by players on the field. However, any user or his teammates found in violation of these rules, are at risk of forfeiture of the time slot allotted to them and upon the discretion of management, the user under whose name the slot has been booked, may also be blacklisted from site’s database.
Users are advised to report 20 minutes prior to their match at the venue and strictly adhere to their respective slot timing as per booking details. Any delay or extra usage of field/court may attract additional fees.
In case of ground/turf/court not in payable condition (Due to unavoidable circumstances) confirm by the ground/turf/court supervisor before the match timing, Juggernaut team will try to provide some other time slot/venue or complete refund (after deducting payment gateway charges) will be arranged as per user’s preference.
The user has to provide all the right and true information that has been requested. In the event that the user has given wrong information, the booking may be canceled.
Use of the mobile app is offered to the User conditioned on acceptance without modification of all the terms, conditions and notices contained in this Agreement, as may be posted on the mobile from time to time. For the removal of doubts, it is clarified that use of the mobile app by the User constitutes an acknowledgment and acceptance by the User of this Agreement. If the User does not agree with any part of such terms, conditions and notices, the User must not use the mobile app.
Girls are not allowed to enter the premises in Delhi Football Court Only post 8.00 PM on daily basis.

Cancellations and Refunds
For booking canceled up to 3 hours before the match time will get refund amount. On cancellation of booking, internet handling, convenience cost or transnational cost will not be refund in users wallet.
User will not get any refund for the bookings canceled within 0-3 hours before the match time.
You are allowed a maximum of 2 booking cancellation per month in total on all juggernaut arenas, exceeding that might make it marginally costlier for you to cancel.
Juggernaut takes at least 6 to 7 working days to process refunds for bookings canceled online.

Juggernaut Wallet
User can use part or full amount in their Juggernaut wallet amount in their next booking or subsequent bookings.
Wallet amount has to be redeemed within 30 days from the day the refund hits their wallet.
Wallet amount cannot be encashed.
For all bookings where payment is done through wallet, there will be no refund in case of cancellation (neither in wallet nor in any account)

Promo Code
Users booking under particular schemes/discount shall have to be processed by using special promocode generated by system. Usage of promocode shall be strictly done by scheme holder, however Juggernaut shall not be responsible for misuse of promocode by unwanted/other user’s.

Sports shoes with metal studs or metal spikes of any kind are not allowed on the AstroTurf.
Guests are not allowed to hang, hold or rest on the nets Guests must not use the facility in the absence of proper lighting.
Spitting will not be tolerated in or around the premises.
Smoking or chewing gum is not permitted in the premises.
Glass containers are not permitted in the premises.
Consumption of food or liquids other than water is not allowed in or around the play area.
No littering. Please ensure all rubbish is disposed in the dustbins provided.
Before leaving the premises, please return all equipment provided by us.

Information Collection And Use
While registering or using our app, we may ask you to provide us some personal information that can be used to contact or recognize you. Personal information may include full name, mobile number, email id, social profiles, family details, business details, address etc. We shall use your information to send helpful information or to contact you in case of any wrong details and to provide better service.

Links To Third Party Apps or Websites
This application may add links to other applications or websites. Such applications or websites are ruled by their respective privacy policies, which are not in our control. Once you leave our app server, use of any detail you provide is controlled by the privacy policy of the operator of the application or website you have moved to. That policy may differ from ours.

We might disclose user information to any third party including in the following cases.
1) In the case of disclosing or providing to third parties such as affiliated parties in a manner that can not distinguish or identify individuals obtained by aggregation, analysis, etc.
2) In the case of disclosing or using personal information with the consent of the user arbitrarily.
3) Warrants issued by the court and other cases when disclosure based on court decision, order or laws and regulations.
4) In case of inquiries of lawful and appropriate information from prosecutors, police and regulatory agencies.
5) When the business involved in the service has been transferred and all rights and obligations are handed over legally to the assignee.

We may use your personal details to interact with you and to continue giving better service. Security of your personal information is important to us, but be sure that no method of transmission over the web, is 100% safe. We seek to use commercially acceptable means to protect your details including encryption of your details. We will carry out lawful and fair management of personal information. In addition, we provide training and educational opportunities for executives and employees to penetrate the spirit of compliance and ensure thorough handling of personal information in daily work.

Changes to Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is in effect as of (25th July, 2017) and will remain in effect with respect to any changes in its provisions in the future, which will be in effect instantly after being posted on this page.

We hold the right to update or make changes in our privacy policy at any time and you need to check this privacy policy frequently.

Any damage to the facility will incur charges
We reserve the right to refuse entry and remove guests who break any of the above rules
Anyone hiring the Astroturf facility must adhere to these standard rules and regulations of use

Contact Us
If you have any queries in terms of this privacy policy, please contact us.